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Dental Mouth Mirrors

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Box of 12 pcs (420 Stainless Steel)


Holmes Dental's Premium Dental Mouth Mirrors

Explore the epitome of precision with Holmes Dental's Dental Mouth Mirrors. This box of 12 high-quality instruments is indispensable for dental examinations, meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards of dental professionals.

Forged from resilient 420 Stainless Steel, these mirrors offer exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, ensuring enduring durability for prolonged use. Their robust construction guarantees reliability, providing clear and accurate reflections essential for "indirect vision" during oral examinations.

Designed to facilitate seamless examinations of the mouth, these Dental Mouth Mirrors boast superior craftsmanship and clarity. They are meticulously engineered to aid in precise diagnosis and treatment planning, ensuring optimal patient care with every use.

Equip your dental practice with the reliability and performance of Holmes Dental's Dental Mouth Mirrors. Trust in our commitment to quality to enhance your clinical precision and patient satisfaction.

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Weight .1875 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 2 × 1 in
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