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Mirror Wipe System


Cleans mirror face and applies anti-fog solution.

The all new Holmes Mirror-Wipe System cleans the mirror face and applies anti-fog solution in one simple motion.

Here’s how: A dispenser is wick-fed by saturated cotton rolls, which extend into a reservoir of anti-fog solution. When you wipe the mirror across the wick, it’s automatically cleaned and protected from fogging at the same time. Plus, because the solution is only applied to the face of the mirror, not the back, aftertaste is eliminated.

Product notes: To ensure that cross- contamina-tion is eliminated, the cotton roll is replaced for every patient. The dispenser is non-spill and easy to refill.

Mirror-Wipe System Includes dispenser, 1 quart of anti-fog solution, 1 non- spill pouring spout, supply of #2 cotton rolls.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

Starter System, Dispenser Only