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Temp and Perm Grippers


Perm Gripper

Excessive force is often necessary to remove a crown or bridge during try in or delivery. The most common causes are heavy contact points, binding areas inside a crown or just the inability securely grip the casting.

You then risk damaging the crown or having it slip into the patient’s throat.

Handle temporary and permanent crowns with ease.

Using The Perm-Gripper, you can gently but securely grip and hold the casting without fear of damage (to crown or patient). The Perm-Gripper is also usefull in the handling of posts and implants. A must for any crown and bridge practice. Why is the Perm-Gripper the instrument of choice:

  • Handles Tight Fitting Crowns With Ease
  • Securely grasps porcelain or metal
  • Tungsten Carbide Welded Tips
  • Adjustable inner stop prevents damage to the crown
  • Adjustable outer stop securely holds the crown during polishing or applying porcelain


Temp Gripper

In removing a temporary crown or bridge, how often do we end up with broken margins, tramatized tissue or the temporary flying into the patients throat. Now you can easily remove temporaries without concern about damaging the temps or the tissue. The Holmes Temp-Gripper features multiple grip tips that securely hold a temporary crown or bridge during removal or insertion. Using a gentle torque motion, the temporary is easily lifted and removed. Because less force is needed to break the seal, there is little risk of damage to the temporary.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in