Dental Products to Make Patients More Comfortable and Dentists More Efficient

Serving Dentists since 1975 with our innovative line of QYK-SET denture repair kits, and Healthe Cleanse® air purification and lighting. In addition, we offer Personalized Dental Marketing.

The Holmes Dental Product Line

Our company founder, Dr. Shelly Greene, a practicing dentist, believed that patients should be made more comfortable and many dentists could be more efficient. So, in 1975 he founded Holmes Dental to put his beliefs into practice.

Our popular QYK-SET products were created by Dr. Greene and their performance and efficacy have never been equaled.

Holmes is also known for manufacturing other quality products for decades, including our Mirror Wipe system and Sore Spotter for decades.

While it is with obvious sadness that there is now a great need to introduce our Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) products to help our customers deal with COVID-19, we are pleased to be able to help.

We are delighted to also be able to offer our customers a unique, state-of-the-art LED Lighting and UV Air Purification System solution that will increase the safety of every person who enters a dental practice.

Nearly 50 years after its inception, Holmes Dental is still a family-owned and operated business and Dr. Greene’s beliefs of providing products to improve a dentist’s efficiency are still the guiding principles of our business.

Please keep an eye on us as more new and innovative products will be coming soon!

Qyk-Set Family of Acrylics

Dental Products

Since 1975, Holmes delivers our highest-quality dental products to our customers. Our products are as varied as the solutions they provide. From our QYK-SET Denture Repair Kits to our Temp and Perm Grippers but all with one common theme, make the patient more comfortable, make the Dentist more efficient, and make the products of the highest quality.

Holmes is so sure you will love our products we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee! Questions? Contact us.


Lighting & Air Purification

Keeping people healthy is the right thing to do, and it has resounding benefits to productivity and the bottom line. Cleanse® was created to protect people’s health and wellness while combating spreads of common contagions.

By employing specially designed ultraviolet (UV) technology, the Cleanse sanitization process eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses by modifying and destroying their genetic material (DNA/RNA) preventing further replication.

Personal Protective Equipment Available For Sale

We are pleased to be able to offer a full line of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). All of these items can be personalized with your logo(s).

Our PPE products are available in both small and large quantities and we offer quick turnaround times and highly competitive pricing.

In addition to the masks, gowns, and gloves we also offer hand sanitizers, signage, thermometers, and thank you gifts that can be provided to our healthcare workers!

Doctors with Masks

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Call us at — 1-800-322-5577 (Continental US only)
All other customers, please call — 215-675-2877

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Holmes Dental Celebrating 45 years of Service

Dental Products to Make Patients More Comfortable and Dentists More Efficient

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