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The Legacy of Dr. Shelly M. Greene & The Story Behind Holmes Dental Company

Holmes Dental Company was founded in early 1975 by Dr. Shelly M. Greene, D.D.S., who dedicated many years, often through trial and error, perfecting our company’s products to get them to where they are today.

Legacy of Dr. Shelly M. Greene & Story behind Holmes Dental Company

Shelly M. Greene, DDS

Dr. Greene worked directly with patients and spent an enormous amount of time using certain products which didn’t perform as promised. This caused a burden on the doctor and his patients and Dr. Greene decided that he needed to free up the precious time that was being needlessly wasted, day in and day out. He then spent countless hours developing the products that many dental professionals have now come to know and love over the past five decades.

Purely for historical perspective, our company’s first product, QYK-FIX, was a 60-second, chairside, x-ray processing system which provided Dr. Greene with one of his biggest time savers. Once he had developed the QYK-FIX system and realized how much time it saved, he said, “Why stop there?”

Next came deMark I & II, which would easily find and identify binding areas inside castings, which freed up more time! Then came our Sore-Spotter which is used for locating sore spots under dentures.

And then came our most familiar and popular item, QYK-SET, which is used for repairing dentures, crowns and bridges. QYK-SET has subsequently had the greatest impact on the worldwide dental community as it sets in under 2 minutes and has proven to save a lot of time for dentists, their staff and patients.

Holmes Dental is so confident that you will enjoy using our products that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. We are certain that if you use our products, they will save you time and money and make you more efficient, just like they did for Dr. Greene.

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