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Mirror Wipe Anti Fog Solution Refill 4 Quart

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(4 – 1 Quart Bottles) Mirror Wipe Anti-Fog Solution Refill

The Holmes Dental Mirror Wipe Fog-Free Solution, a specialized solution designed to prevent dental mirrors from fogging up during procedures

This innovative solution creates a thin, invisible film on the mirror surface, effectively preventing moisture from condensing and ensuring a clear and unobstructed view for dental professionals.

Easy to use, the Dental Mirror Wipe Fog-Free Solution is typically applied to the mirror surface using a disposable applicator, ensuring that the solution remains free from contamination. This solution is an essential tool in modern dental practice, as it significantly improves the quality of dental procedures and patient care by maintaining clear and fog-free mirrors throughout the procedure.

By preventing fogging and maintaining optimal dental hygiene, the Dental Mirror Wipe Fog-Free Solution plays a crucial role in ensuring safe and effective dental procedures. Trust Holmes Dental for cutting-edge solutions that elevate your dental practice to new levels of excellence, providing superior visualization and optimal results for every procedure.

4 Quarts Solution. Note: this product contains only the solution itself.

INCLUDES: (4) 1 Quart Bottles Mirror Wipe Anti-Fog Solution Refill.

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