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Mirror Wipe Starter System

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Mirror Wipe System – Includes dispenser, 1 quart of the anti-fog solution, 1 non- spill pouring spout, a supply of #2 cotton rolls.

The Holmes Dental Mirror Wipe Complete System, the ultimate solution for keeping your dental mirrors clean and clear during procedures

This innovative system includes our Mirror Wipe Dispenser, invented by Dr. Shelly Greene, and our Mirror Wipe Solution, providing a comprehensive and efficient way to maintain pristine mirror surfaces. Our non-abrasive material is gentle on the mirror, ensuring it does not scratch or damage the surface, while providing a crystal-clear view for improved dental procedures.

The Dental Mirror Wipe Complete System is designed to enhance the quality of dental procedures by providing a clean and clear mirror surface, allowing dentists to have a better view of the area being worked on. With easy-to-use dispenser and hygienic materials, this system ensures a convenient and effective way to clean dental mirrors, promoting precision and accuracy in every procedure.

In modern dental practice, the use of the Dental Mirror Wipe Complete System is essential for achieving optimal results. Upgrade your dental procedures with this complete system, ensuring a clear and pristine mirror surface for improved visualization and superior patient care. Trust Holmes Dental for cutting-edge solutions that elevate your dental practice to the next level of excellence.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 5 in

59 (A1), 62 (A2), 65 (A3), 69 (D3), 77 (B3), 81 (B4), TR (Translucent), LT (Ultra White)

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