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NoGag® Case

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NoGag® Oral Gag Suppression: 10 Seconds to NoGag® eliminating the gag reflex for 60 minutes.

More patients, procedures, and referrals. Reduce failed impressions, x-ray & cleanings.

Case of 24 bags of 20 servings each.

NoGag® oral care made smart, simple, stress-free.

Engineered to revolutionize patient comfort during dental procedures, NoGag® offers rapid relief within seconds of application, providing approximately 60 minutes of gag suppression.

Crafted from two common food substances, Sodium Chloride and Citric Acid, at a patented ratio, NoGag® is free from allergens and contraindications for age or pregnancy. Unlike traditional numbing agents, NoGag® works synergistically with Nerve 9, biochemically convincing the brain that the patient is swallowing food.

Packaged conveniently as single-serving powder packs, each pouch contains 20 servings, ensuring ease of use and optimal hygiene standards. The simple instructions make application effortless: place NoGag® on the top 1/3 anterior of the tongue, wait 10 seconds, swallow as normal, and experience uninterrupted gag suppression for approximately 60 minutes.

Transform patient experiences with NoGag® – the breakthrough solution for enhancing comfort and efficiency in dental procedures.

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