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Perm Grippers

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Perm Grippers are specialized dental instruments that are designed to safely and effectively remove permanent cement or adhesive material from dental restorations.

Perm Grippers are the perfect tool for quickly and effortlessly securing both temporary and permanent crowns.

Get the Perfect Results with Holmes Dental's Perm Grippers! Accurately and safely remove permanent cement or adhesive material from dental restorations with ease. Featuring serrated jaws and pointed tips, these stainless steel Perm Grippers provide you with precision control, protecting the restoration and surrounding teeth. From crown and bridge removal to orthodontic bracket removal, Perm Grippers are used in a variety of procedures to ensure optimal patient outcomes. Their durable, corrosion-resistant design makes them easy to sterilize - perfect for modern dental care! Make use of these specialized instruments today to enjoy safe and effective removal of dental restorations that minimizes damage to surrounding teeth and tissues.

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Dimensions 7.5 × 3.5 × .75 in
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