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Sore Spotter Syringe Tips (Pack of 12)

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Sore Spotter Tips (Pack of 12)


Enhance your dental practice with the Sore Spotter Syringe Tips - a pack of 12 curved syringe tips designed for use with our Sore Spotter products

These Luer Lock style tips provide a sanitary and efficient solution for dispensing the Sore Spotter solution to patients.

Each tip is designed for single-use, ensuring a hygienic change-out for each patient. The curved design allows for precise application of the Sore Spotter solution, making it easy to mark and address denture gum abrasion and pain areas with accuracy.

Compatible with our Sore Spotter products, these syringe tips are an essential addition to your dental practice for addressing denture gum discomfort. Trust in the quality and reliability of Holmes Dental products to provide optimal patient care and satisfaction.

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Weight .0625 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × .5 in

59 (A1), 62 (A2), 65 (A3), 69 (D3), 77 (B3), 81 (B4), TR (Translucent), LT (Ultra White)

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